listener & promoter quotes

"I just wanted to say thank you for last night. Your music was awesome & the vibe that you created was simply incredible!" - Marty, Ideal Vibes

"Adam spins like a true marksman. Cocking the trigger, raising the barrel & and one by one picking off everyone in the crowd and sending them soaring to the dance floor! I can tell music is his life and Adam tells his story well." - DJ Liquid Fish, the Rapid Eye Movement

"I just wanted to thank you for taking me on an AMAZING journey at the Celebrate Friendship party. You seriosly blew my mind and kept me flying for hours. Your music was unbelievable, and unlike anything I've ever heard before. Now nothing can compare to what I heard on the 13th, and I'm really looking forward to hearing you again." - Lindsey, via email

Adam @ Imagination, 2001
"Your music makes me feel like I'm rolling, even though I haven't taken anything!" - Audience member @ Club Insomnia

"Your CD was probably one of the best we have EVER HEARD...Strait banging, and flawless mixes. OFF THE HOOK." - Mike Burdett, Fundamental Entertainment, via email

"I was so impressed with your set at CF that I told many people about you - and some of them even came to epluribus. Unfortunately, you've been very hard to find lately! I am one who monitors your web site for details. I am not a crazed fan, so don't worry. I am just someone who really appreciates your ability to weave a story!" - Mike, via email

"I enjoyed your set very much." - DJ Eugenius, Arkham Entertainment

"We did receive your promo packet and CD and you are INCREDIBLE!" - Margot Everitt, Blue Vinyl Productions, via email