A few words from the man himself...

why dj?

I didn't become a DJ for the glory (there's precious little of that), the money (HAH!), or the "chicks" (yeah right). I became a DJ because I love the music. There's a very specific feel, a very specific sound, that I crave the most; but it's hard to come by at your average club or party. That's why I took matters into my own hands.

Adam & Eugenius @ the Batcave, 2000


I put a lot of thought into the progression of my sets. It's all too easy to fall into the trap of just throwing on tracks, one after the other, once one becomes skilled at beatmatching. My sets are designed to tell a story, to take the listener on a musical journey. I listen to recordings of myself on a regular basis to refine my technique. I listen as a listener, not as a DJ, in order to better deliver maximal impact to my audience. DJ "tricks" are low priority to me; what's important is how the music sounds, not whether I'm impressing other DJs that happen to be observing me.


There are a few DJs who pursue perfection in their music with relentless determination. They, and their listeners, reap the rewards of that determination. These DJs have brought me wonderful and powerful experiences in the past; now I want to help bring those experiences to others.

Two of my earliest influences were Christopher Lawrence and Sandra Collins. Earlier in my career I had the opportunity to spin alongside a number of fine underground DJs, such as LA favorite Nicholas Bennsion. Today, in the burgeoning psy scene, performances by countless excellent DJs and artists have challenged me to push my own music to new heights.